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Frequently Asked Questions

What can be laundered?

In order for a garment to be laundered, we take into factor if it can be washed and if it can be pressed on our form. All laundered items must be made of majority cotton and open up from top to bottom. Upon request, we can also launder jeans, pants, and shorts if they are 50% or more cotton.

Will dry cleaning shrink clothes?

The process of dry cleaning should not shrink your clothes. The process is called “dry” cleaning because no water is involved in cleaning your garments. Dry Cleaners use a special machine, designed to avoid fabric shrinkage, to delicately clean your clothes in a solvent bath.

How can I sign up for your VIP program?

In order to sign up for our VIP program, ask any of our customer service reps when you drop off or pick up your items.  By putting your card on file, we will give you a complimentary bag along with an access code to our 24-hour drop box.  Your bag will be returned with your order with an itemized receipt of the items that you were charged.

How can I drop off 24 hours day?

Our store has a 24-hour drop box that you can drop off your bag anytime at your convenience whether we are opened or closed. Clothes dropped off after hours in the drop box will be ready the following business day.

When will my clothes be ready?

We offer same day service Monday thru Saturday. Clothes dropped off before 9AM will be ready the same day at 4PM Monday thru Friday and 3PM on Saturday while clothes dropped off after 9AM will be ready the following day.

How do you track my clothes?

At CleanSmart, everything is automated and tracked with our computer system. Our technology allows us to know where your garment is from when you dropped it off until you pick it up. Special preferences can be noted on your account along with a log history of every garment that you have ever brought to our store.

What are your hours of operation?

We are open from 7:00AM to 6:00PM Monday thru Friday, 8AM to 5PM on Saturday, and closed Sunday.

How does your drop off and pick up service work?

During store hours, you are able to drop and pick up by coming into the store or through our convenient drive-thru. After hours, we offer a night drop that you can drop off 24-hours a day.

What do I do if I have stains on my clothes?

As a  professional dry cleaners, we work on stains on a daily basis. Sometimes we are informed of the stain, and other times we are not.  It helps when we are told about a stain so that we can pretreat the garment prior to cleaning.

Should I attempt stain removal at home?

Some home remedies may work, but a lot of them don’t and can cause further damage to the fabric. With variations in fabrics and home remedies, it is best to apply nothing to the stain before you get it to us to avoid permanent staining. Even some water to the garment can cause watermarks and increase the size of the stain.

Can all stains be removed?

Not all stains can be removed. It depends of a number of factors including the fabric, nature of the stain, and duration of the stain.