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Mid March this year I brought items belonging to my employer to these people. Items were needed back for an event the following day. These lovely people did a fantastic job. Had them ready 10 minutes before 3pm on a Saturday afternoon after they were dropped off before closing the day before.
They even managed to remove a bad stain on two of the dress shirts.

I will come back with my employer’s items again. He is very pleased with the work they did.

Thank you Cleansmart Cleaners

Jennifer V.

we have come here off and on for 3 years. we have tried a few others spots that are more conveniently located but we keep coming back to this spot.


I’ve been using this company for three years. The staff is friendly, the drive thru is convenient and the quality is top notch. I’m moving to a different part of Austin this week, and I can only hope that they choose to expand some day.

J. Cabral

Been using them for over a year now with no issues… no damaged or lost items. Staff has always been friendly and pricing is fair.

Brian C.

I have been going here for years and I love these guys! They are always very friendly and my clothes are treated well. I also appreciate the fact that they are eco-friendly.

Tom S.

Brought them a DVF dress that is near & dear to my heart (and my wallet!) they finished it in 24 hours for under $4. It looks and feels as good as new. Staff weren’t incredibly cheerful but were helpful, attentive, and prompt.

Carla K.

I’ve been coming here for almost a year. All the clothes have been dry cleaned nicely. One time I was 7 minutes passed closing, and they still let me in to pick up my clothes. Got lucky…..I had 0 clean slacks left for work.

Great service !

Christopher S.

first trip in. 7 pieces for dry cleaning and two shirts turned around same day for a great price. I haven’t closely inspected the clothing but everything looks good at first blush. so happy to find an affordable cleaner with friendly service.

Andy G.

We were traveling and stopped in this area. Hubby needed a couple shirts and a pair of pants pressed and starched quickly. This location received the clothes late afternoon and had them done by noon the next day for 50 cents a piece more each, Well worth it particularly since we don’t have an ironing board. Iron or starch in our travel trailer! Way to go, Clean Smart team!

Liana R.

I have been taking clothes here for about a year and they are always on time and my clothing is always in great condition. The staff is always friendly and the fact their chemicals are eco-friendly and less harsh is a huge bonus. The price is great and the quality is as good as the more expensive cleaners . Couldn’t be happier!

Lisa M.

I have been brining my dry cleaning here for years now. Great service, great prices and very reliable.

Los Angeles, CA

I think they’re great! They have been my go-to cleaners for years now. I don’t have high expectations for a dry cleaner – clean our clothes, don’t use starch, don’t press in stains and don’t lose anything. So far, they’ve met every expectation. But those aren’t high expectations for a dry cleaner, you say? Well, tell that to every other dry cleaner in town. They’ve failed me on at least one of those basic requirements.

Amy B.

I just moved into the neighborhood. They are very convenient so I thought I would give them a try. I brought in four shirts and two suits. My verdict:
convenience: excellent; value: excellent; efficiency: excellent; quality of work: excellent;
environmental awareness: excellent.
Extra points for being a small, family owned business.
I haven’t tried them for alterations, but at least on the cleaning side, they will be getting the rest of my business.

Roger S.

Whenever moving to a new city, one of my struggles is almost always finding a reliable dry cleaners. This time however, I struck dry cleaning gold. Six months after my first visit (2 times per week on average) and I still marvel at their efficiency, consistency and high level of customer service.

There are three drop off options, drive up, overnight drop off and traditional counter service. My only wish would be a second drop off bag, but if that’s neither here nor there. I’ve yet to have any complaints over cleaning quality. Everyone I’ve met here has been friendly as heck. They’ve never misquoted a pick up time either. I’ll continue to support this well run business.

Jorge C.

I have been a customer of CleanSmart for almost 3 years. They are conveniently located between home and work. However that is not why I’m leaving a review. I’m leaving a review because it is one of the few places that recognizes me by my car and knows my name. So every time I pull around their drive-thru they have my clothes already pulled and greet me by name. I drop off clothes roughly every 2-3 weeks and it’s always done next day and I’ve never had a problem. Thank you again for being a great business! -Annie *aka* Cody F.

Annie F.